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​​​​​​​​​​​​Each campus offers activities and an opportunity to get involved.

Colleg​e Life by Campus:

 Student Testimonials

Lillian Gomez  

"The clubs are amazing. I was involved with 5 different clubs this semester, and I was able to do things that I wouldn’t have had I not been in the clubs and meet a lot of amazing people that I wouldn’t have crossed paths with."

—Lillian Gomez

Alexis Frank 

"I love SAC because it’s a group of students at DMACC so they get to put together activities that are practical for today's society and it's a great way for students to come together with fun things to do and just bond and get to know each other."

—Alexis Frank

Carlos Marroquin  

"Everyone is usually in a great mood and willing to start an open conversation if it’s about something they’re studying or a project they’re working on or maybe their plans for the weekend. You make friends so easily."

—Carlos Marroquin

Lucero Rojas  

"I decided to join in on the activities mostly because of karaoke night. I like music, I like to sing."

—Lucero Rojas

Grant Siders 

"It was easy to get involved with clubs and activities. I chose to join some clubs because after high school people went off to different places and I didn’t know a lot of people and if you join an activity it’s easy to get to know people and you see them around campus and do more things outside of that club with the people that you meet."

—Grant Siders

Mark Sinnwell 

"I am part of the Honors Society, Phi Theta Kappa. I have been vice president of the Student Activities Council, and a current member. I have been in the Criminal Justice club. I have done the American Lung Association’s Fight For Air Climb with faculty for two years now."

—Mark Sinnwell