Pamela's Food Pantry on Ankeny Campus

​​​We know it’s hard to concentrate if you’re hungry or stressed about stretching your budget to cover food and living expenses.

That’s why DMACC established Pamela’s Food Pantry on the Ankeny Campus, offering students access to free food. 

The pantry, exclusively for DMACC students, offers a variety of healthy, non-perishable food items including snacks, single-serve foods, and simple meals to take home and prepare.

Pamela’s Food Pantry was established in 2004 by DMACC staff member Pamela Parker, who observed how hunger impacted the success of students. It serves approximately 500 students per year and is supported by community partners. 

Pamela’s Food Pantry locations on the Ankeny Campus:​

  • Building 5 – dry goods and fruit inside the student services area.
  • Building 6 – dry goods and fruit outside the Disability Services Office and refrigerated food in the library hallway next to the vending machines.

Additional Non-DMACC Resources:

Sign Up For Alerts

DMACC students can sign up to receive alerts when food is available in the fridge. Click Here to enter your DMACC Student ID to sign up. You will need to sign up each semester you are enrolled in a DMACC class, look out for reminders at the start of term in the Student Daily newsletter.