Safety and Emergency Procedures for DMACC

​​DMACC has active Safety/Building Captain Teams that represent all staff and facilities within the college. Committee members are comprised of individuals with the responsibility and authority to act on safety concerns, and are typically Provosts, Deans, Managers and Directors.

The Safety/Building Captain Teams are chaired by the Director of Campus Safety, Security, and Energy Management. Safety or security concerns can be addressed to any Safety/Building Captain Team member, or the Director of Campus Safety, Security, and Energy Management at ext. 6214.

Plans, Procedures, and Resources

DMACC students, faculty and staff can get DMACC Emergency information via DMACC Alert on their cell phone, land line phones or email.

To receive DMACC Bear Alerts d​ownload the Informacast app from the Ap​ple or Google Play​​ stores.

The username is the student's full DMACC email address (e.g.,, and password can be set by clicking the "Forget Username or Password" bar and following the prompts.​