Parent of a DMACC Student - Paying Tuition

​​Payment by Authorized Payer

Parents (grandparents, guardians, sponsors, etc.) can be set up by the student as an 'Authorized Payer'. As an authorized payer the parent will have access to the students account balance and the ability to make a payment online (authorized payers do NOT have access to grades, class schedules, transcripts, etc.). Authorized Payers can also make a payment over the phone by calling the Student Accounts Office at 515-964-6446.

Step by step instructions to getting set up as an authorized payer

Authorized Payer LOGIN PAGE.

NOTE: online payments made by authorized payers are one time/non-recurring payments. See below for payment plan options.


Payment by FACTS payment plan

Parents can help students set up payment plans to spread the cost of tuition and fees out over the semester. Payment plans can be set up online by the student through myDMACC or through an Authorized Payer account. If payments are withdrawn from a parent or sponsors checking, savings, or credit account the account holder must be designated the 'Responsible Party' when setting up the plan. All payment plans are automatic; once the plan is activated, the withdrawals will be scheduled for the 5th of every month throughout the term.

Step by step instructions regarding how to set up a payment plan.

*Payment plans are serviced by Nelnet Business Solutions. Nelnet can be reached at 800-609-8056.


Paying with a College Savings Iowa 529 plan

If you plan to pay tuition with a qualifying Iowa 529 plan please request funds at least two weeks prior to your tuition due date. For information regarding how to withdraw funds from your 529 plan you can go to the College Savings Iowa withdrawal information page.



The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that provides college students privacy rights. FERPA prevents DMACC from disclosing information ranging from class schedules to grades and account payment information to anyone without the student's consent.