4+ Support Programs

​​​STRIVE and STRIVE Academy are 4+ support programs provided by the Des Moines Area Community College on the Ankeny campus for students in special education transitioning immediately from high school to the community college with an ongoing IEP in place. STRIVE is a service contracted by the school district as part of their continuum of​ service and students in the programs are recommended by the IEP team.



  • ​​STRIVE students take academic/vocational classes while attending DMACC.  Class curriculum is not modified, but accommodations are provided.
  • STRIVE students receive specially designed instruction and accommodations through STRIVE by meeting with teachers outside of class, in accordance with their Individualized Education Program (IEP).
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STRIVE Academy​​

​​STRIVE Academy​​

  • STRIVE ​Academy students are working on developing skills as outlined in their IEP in the areas of adaptive behavior (living) and employability (working).
  • STRIVE Academy students live in the dorms as part of their program.  Therefore, students must have the skills needed to live safely in this setting.
  • STRIVE Academy students are not enrolled at DMACC, but do participate in on campus activities.
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