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Student Tes​​timonials

Student Testimonials  

Alexis Frank

I chose DMACC because it's a wonderful transition from my high school which was composed of 18 students in my graduating class to Iowa State which is huge, so it was just that great middle ground.

Student Testimonials  

Lillian Gomez

The clubs are amazing. I was involved with 5 different clubs this semester, and I was able to do things that I wouldn't have had I not been in the clubs and meet a lot of amazing people that I wouldn't have crossed paths with.

Student Testimonials  

Carlos Marroquin

I chose DMACC after finding out that there was a photography program in Ankeny. After taking the orientation I wanted to start immediately. It was a great environment and it offered everything I was hoping to get.

Student Testimonials  

Van Pham

There's a great EL​L program where I can learn and improve my English skills. Also, DMACC is close to home and the tuition is not expensive.

Student Testimonials  

Amy Sonderman

They have one of the top respiratory therapy programs in the state of Iowa. The professors are very laid-back and easygoing but at the same time they're very professional and care about you on a personal level.

Student Testimonials  

Mitchell Hagar

I was not sure what I wanted to do in college, so I figured it would help me figure that out by taking a variety of classes that wasn't going to cost what a university would cost.

I like the close proximity of everybody. The teachers. It's more one on one. You get more help that way.

Student Testimonials  

Alexis Kurth

One thing I like about DMACC is definitely the diversity you find at each of the campuses. You have people that are returning to school, that are just starting school. You definitely get to meet a lot of people and that's been a lot of fun.

Student Testimonials  

Lucero Rojas

I live at Prairie Pointe on the Ankeny Campus. It's easier for transportation to school—I can just walk across the street and be on campus. They matched me up with my roommates by filling out an application online. You just fill out what you would like to have in common with your roommates and what time you go to bed and they try to find your best match.

Student Testimonials  

Grant Siders

In high-school I took quite a few DMACC course credits, so when I came to DMACC I was already considered a sophomore. It was easy to transfer the credits, it's a seamless process, and it's easy to transfer them to a four-year school.

I chose to join some clubs because after high-school people went off to different places and I didn't know a lot of people. Everyone was welcoming, and once you make a friendship you kind of keep it and you do things outside of the club, you go out for dinner or you go to a movie.

Student Testimonials  

Bethannie Hughes

I have financial aid and I have some scholarships. It's a lot cheaper. The school I was going to was $27,000 a semester. Since I'm home and I can work it makes it so I can pay off my classes a lot easier and not have so much debt when I graduate.

Student Testimonials  

Marbrisa Lepe

I chose the Ankeny Campus because it was a really good location. I thought it was a really good place for me to start my education as a fashion student. I was super impressed by it. I really have enjoyed all my professors. I've learned so much from all of them. The ones in the fashion program were genuine people that I feel really comfortable around.

Student Testimonials  

Modeste Kenne

Computer engineering is my dream. I came to DMACC because they have a good transition so I can easily go into my university program. The courses I'm taking will transfer to Iowa State, so I think that's a good thing that they have this partnership.

Student Testimonials  

Brianna Hagar

I didn't really know what career I wanted. DMACC's a good way to help you choose that. It's a good way to get your gen eds done.

Student Testimonials  

Peter Garcia

I work full-time. So having DMACC being able to offer night classes helps me with being able to pursue my Human Services degree. They're here to work for you.