Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates

​DMACC offers over 220 degrees, diplomas and certificates.


DMACC offers several types of Associate Degrees, usually lasting two years (5 to 6 semesters):

AA - Liberal Arts, Associates in Arts - this combination of general education and core classes allow you to transfer into a variety of four-year programs.
AS - Liberal Arts, Associates in Science - this STEM path focuses on completing core math and science courses before transferring to a four-year program in a STEM related field.
AAS - Associates in Applied Science - specific courses required for the degree in addition to the AAS degree requirements in areas designed to get you ready to go to work.
AGS - Associates in General Studies - coursework to meet specific educational goals and interests. The AGS degree is generally not designed to meet college transfer requirements.


DMACC Diplomas provide training, usually in one year (3 semester), to prepare you to go to work in a specific field or expand on your skills if you need specialized training to advance your career.


DMACC Certificates provide specialized training, concentrated specific work areas, and usually takes less than one year (1, 2 or 3 semesters). Certificates can be completed stand-alone, or in some cases, as the foundation to add on courses to complete a diploma or degree.​