Looking for a growth-oriented career... something fast paced, ever changing and challenging, with opportunities for advancement and pay to match? Today a career in Marketing offers all this and more. You could be working for some of the fastest growing companies and brightest leaders in business today. By using your skills and creativity you will become part of the future in American business.

Course work is designed with the help of successful marketers who know what it takes to succeed. Classroom instruction is based on lectures, labs, speakers, internships, and study tours. Major areas of study include marketing, sales, advertising, promotion, and understanding buyer behavior in small business, retail and business to business marketing environments. The Marketing Program also offers many opportunities to develop and demonstrate leadership skills.

Many graduates of the Marketing Program have gone on to become marketing managers, regional marketing supervisors, professional sales and customer service representatives. Some have gone on to own their own businesses and others have found careers as managers, merchandisers and buyers in the retail community. Graduates from the Marketing Program are responsible for creating and/or executing marketing strategies, hiring, training, and supervising employees. They are also responsible for buying and selling product offerings, and planning promotions and advertising campaigns.

Careers in marketing are listed as one of the fastest growing areas for the 21st century. Research indicates that about one-third of the labor force is now employed in marketing. Marketing careers offer flexibility, mobility, and pay to match your ability.

The Marketing Program emphasizes career development along with transfer options for students planning on attending a four-year college. Contact a DMACC Marketing instructor, counselor or advisor for transfer planning assistance.

Marketing AAS Degree