Go to Work Path

​Intro: DMACC offers three levels of Accounting training in the Go to Work Track. Each level builds to the next.


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Why a Certificate?

  • Qualify for a part-time or temporary Accounting Job while continuing your education
  • Gain Accounting skills that complements other degrees (example: Office Administration students who want to add basic accounting skills)
  • Seamless transfer into DMACC's Accounting Diploma
  • Complete in two semesters
  • This certificate can be completed in the classroom or online.

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Why a Diploma?

  • Obtain full-time employment after one year of Accounting training
  • Perform full-time full-charge bookkeeping and payroll services for small and medium sized businesses
  • Master skills such as payroll, spreadsheet analysis, bookkeeping functions and budgets
  • Gain proficiency in Computer Accounting packages such as QuickBooks, Peachtree/Sage, and Excel
  • Complete in three semesters
  • This diploma can be completed in the classroom or online.

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Why a degree?

  • Perform all diploma functions plus jobs that require knowledge of
    • Tax Preparation
    • Governmental Accounting
    • Financial Statement Analysis
    • Hands on experience or advanced payroll knowledge
  • Opens the door to more industries and positions
  • Gain full-time employment after four semesters at DMACC
  • Qualify to work in select Accounting jobs while completing a four-year degree
  • Typically makes a higher starting salary than the diploma
  • Provides a high degree of transferability to many private colleges: Simpson, Grand View
  • Complete in four semesters
  • This degree can be completed in the classroom or online.

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