Administrative Assistant Program

No longer accepting students in this program effective Fall 2023​

The Greater Des Moines metropolitan area continues to grow at a rapid pace. It is one of the fastest growing metro areas nationwide. Many businesses in the metro are looking for qualified administrative assistants who are able to step in and manage their office functions.

In the DMACC Administrative Assistant Diploma Program, you will learn the following skills that will help you be successful in an administrative assistant position in a small or large company:

  • Business writing skills
  • Computer software skills
  • Speaking skills
  • Technology skills

Learning these skills will help you grow your career as a business professional. It’s possible for you to complete this hands-on program in two semesters so that you can begin your challenging and rewarding career in a short time.


Administrative Assistant + Medical Office Specialist


    Enroll in the Medical Office Specialist (MOS) AAS program and have the opportunity to complete the Administrative Assistant (ADMIN) Diploma at the same time.

    1. Administrative Assistant

      1. Complete all ADMIN coursework

      2. Continue with remaining MOS coursework and internship*

      3. Dual degree awarded

      1. *The internship course fulfills the graduation requirement for each program and must be completed in order to graduate with either degree option.

    2. Medical Office Specialist

      1. Complete all MOS coursework

      2. Complete required internship*

      3. Dual degree awarded


        The MOS program is eligible for the Last Dollar Scholarship. Starting with this program offers you the opportunity to apply for this scholarship, which could cover your entire tuition!

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1. Expand your career opportunities by having a degree in two areas
2. Be career ready upon graduation
3. Flexible completion options and course offerings

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About the Program:

Career Examples
What You'll Do
Core Job Skills
Average Salary

Administrative Assistant Career Examples

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Event Planning Coordinator
  • Communication/Marketing Assistant
  • Office Manager
  • Social Media Assistant
  • Legal Secretary

What You'll Do

  • Collaborate with team members, vendors, and customers
  • Coordinate management calendars
  • Create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations
  • Plan company events, conferences, and executives’ travel
  • Work with budgets

Core Job Skills

  • Active listening
  • Critical thinking
  • Office technology
  • Computer software applications
  • Organizing
  • ​Problem solving

Average Salary (Iowa)

  • $28,500-$35,360 per year