Sales & Management Diploma

The Sales and Management program offers sales and management skill development. Many opportunities exist for the highly motivated, people-oriented, goal-setting individual who wants to quickly move into a sales or management industry-sponsored training program. In addition, the program offers: opportunities to earn as you learn through on-the-job training, opportunities to gain advanced standing with prior occupational experience (after evaluation by the program chairperson), and leadership training at local, state and national levels through involvement in the Sales and Management Club.

Coursework in the Sales and Management program includes communication and human relations, management and supervision, computer applications, selling and leadership development.

Specific benefits of the program include rapid development of sales and management skills, total transferability into any of DMACC's two-year Marketing and Management AAS degree programs, and the satisfaction of gaining self-confidence as marketing skills are acquired.

Students will have the opportunity to enroll in the program for either day or evening classes at the beginning of each term.

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Sales and Management Diploma

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