Reverse Credit Transfer

​Working "Backwards" can move you Forward!​

Here’s the story: If you earned credits at DMACC, but transferred to a four-year college or university before completing your Associate Degree, you may be able to transfer those credits back and earn an Associate’s Degree from DMACC with little to no effort.

It’s called Reverse Credit Transfer.

The Reverse Credit Transfer process gives students pursuing a four-year degree a way to earn an Associate’s Degree from DMACC based on a combination of their previous work at DMACC and current course work at a four-year institution.

Here’s how Reverse Credit Transfer can work for you:


  • Earn your Associate’s Degree while working on your Bachelor’s Degree
  • Let your current courses satisfy any remaining DMACC Associate’s Degree requirements
  • Pay nothing or very little additional money to receive the Associate’s Degree you started

Why you need an Associate’s Degree

A completed degree:

  1. Looks great on your resume right now.
  2. Lets you to use the course work you’ve completed today, even as you continue your higher education. Some employers give raises or promotions to workers simply for having earned their two-year degree.
  3. Increases your hiring potential. Employers like employees who “stick to it” and finish the job they started. 
  4. Can boost your lifetime earnings by six figures as compared to individuals with only some college work.
    More information: US News Article on Finishing a 2-year degree at a 4-year college with Reverse Credit Transfer

Start the Reverse Credit Transfer now

You may be able to receive your Associate’s Degree from DMACC at the end of the current academic term!

  • Contact a DMACC advisor to determine what degree/emphasis you’re on track to earn and what, if any, additional courses you need for the Associate’s Degree.
  • Update your application for admission if you have been away from DMACC for more than two years.
  • Have your current four-year college or university send your transcript directly to DMACC.
    To transfer college credit earned at another institution, your college must mail official transcripts directly to us. An official transcript bears the seal and signature of the official in charge of the records.
    Have transcripts sent to:
    DMACC Admissions
    2006 S Ankeny Blvd, Bldg. 1
    Ankeny IA 50023

Transfer Details

  • You must successfully complete a minimum of 21 credits, ​applicable to the 64 credit associate's degree at DMACC,​ to be eligible for the Reverse Credit Transfer, and
  • N​o more than 43 semester credit hours of transfer credit is applicable toward degree requirements at DMACC.
  • The total grade point average (GPA) of credits transferred to DMACC must equal 2.0 or higher. Since your grade point average is calculated from DMACC course work only, grades earned at other colleges or universities will not be used as part of your DMACC GPA.