Admissions Information

Admission at DMACC is based upon an open-door policy. The college accepts any high school graduate (or equivalent) who seeks general admission. Enrollment in programs and selected courses, however, may depend upon basic skill levels and/or available space. With the "rolling admissions process," acceptance of an applicant is granted as soon as all admissions procedures and requirements have been completed. If a program is at capacity enrollment, eligible applicants will be placed on standby status until an enrollment opportunity exists.

Each program establishes the minimum entrance requirements for applicants. Proficiency in reading, writing and/or mathematics may be required for enrollment in selected courses within a program.

Prospective students may apply at any time once they are a junior in high school. Consideration will be given to admitting high school age individuals with their school's cooperation. Credit for work completed at other colleges will be accepted to the extent that it is compatible with DMACC curricula and grade point policies.