Admissions Team

​​​​​​​​​​The DMACC Admissions Team is here to help!

We know the transition and path to college can sometimes be difficult to navigate, and it is our goal to put your mind at ease as we help you through the process.  We are excited to connect with you and introduce everything DMACC has to offer! 

Meet The Team 


Jonathan Frank

Enrollment Advisor​

Hometown: Boone, IA

Why choose DMACC: DMACC allows you to get the skills and education that you need to enter the workforce or prepare you to take that next step on your journey at a fraction of the cost!​

Advice for new students: No one knows you as a student better than you, be proactive and seek out help for classes that you find difficult. Utilize our tutors on campus before you have issues! ​


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Sydnee Ruhl

Recruitment Specialist

Hometown: Altoona, IA

Why choose DMACC: DMACC is a great opportunity to continue your education to reach your career goals while capitalizing on Iowa’s lowest tuition. Removing roadblocks to accessing secondary education, DMACC is a great choice for all students, traditional or non-traditional.​

Advice for new students: I would advise new students to explore all areas of DMACC, even if that means getting out of your comfort zone. Start networking with professionals in your industry because that will benefit you in your career in the long run.​



Mariana Villa-Drees

Recruitment Specialist

Hometown: Schaller, IA

Why choose DMACC: DMACC is a great place to jumpstart your career.  Whether you're a high school student considering your next journey or an adult seeking additional training or a new career altogether, DMACC’s 200+ credit programs open a world of opportunities at an affordable price.  DMACC students enjoy flexibility in scheduling, campus locations and course delivery, while our small class sizes and academic supports ensure that our students obtain the tools they need to successful at DMACC and beyond. 

Advice for new students: Your time at DMACC will be some of the best years of your life, so make the most of your experience.   Get involved on campus, meet new people, and step outside your comfort zone a bit—you never know what opportunities await and what new things you might learn about yourself along the way!​


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