Guidelines for Required Assessment

​​​​​​Assessment requirements: Testing Center website

DMACC uses assessment scores of new students to provide information about students’ academic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics. Assessment information is used in course selection, course planning, and math placement. Students wishing to take a math class are required to take ALEKS math as a math placement requirement.​

To see what assessments you need for the program you applied for, log into your myDMACC account and click on the "Student" tab. Scroll down to Banner Self Service and then click on "View Admissions Applications".  Follow the assessment requirements made by the Admissions Office.​

  • You must meet any assessment entry requirements before the application to your DMACC program can be accepted.​
  • Please visit the Math Placement/ALEKS website for additional information regarding the math placement assessment requirement.
  • Take the LASSI assessment​ to learn which of your college-ready study skills are strong and which could use attention (optional).​

Admission for many programs is on a first-come, first-served basis. It’s important to complete any assessment entry requirements as soon as possible.


  1. Complete the Next-Generation ACCUPLACER® tests and ALEKS placement assessment. Next-Generation ACCUPLACER is made up of two tests: Reading and Writing. ALEKS is a separate online assessment and may be taken from home or any location with internet access. 
  2. Submit official ACT scores in reading, writing, and math. All ACT scores must be sent.
  3. Complete the Next-Generation ACCUPLACER Reading and Writing tests and submit ACT math scores.
  4. Provide evidence of successful college experience in math, reading, and writing course work.
    • Writing: ​Grade of C or higher in a college-level writing course
    • Reading: Grade of C or higher in 6 hours of college-level academic course work such as psychology, sociology, economics, etc., and/or vocational technical course work requiring comparable reading skills
    • Math: ​Grade of C or higher in a college-level mathematics course


New students who fill out a DMACC application for admission and indicate that English is not their native language may need to take the ELL ACCUPLACER. ELL students who submit ACT scores and do not score a 19 or above in any one area will be required to take the equivalent ELL ACCUPLACER assessment unless they can show evidence of successful college experience.

The ELL Test in ACCUPLACER will be waived for students who submit an ACT score. (All ACT scores must be sent.)

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