Math Placement / ALEKS

​Mathematics is a critical discipline that serves as a foundation for many majors and programs. In order to be successful in math, it is important to determine which course you are ready to begin.

  1. New full-time students (12 credit hours or more Fall and Spring semesters and 8 credit hours Summer semester) who have not already taken ALEKS are highly encouraged to take ALEKS prior to registering for first-semester classes.
  2. New students must take ALEKS prior to attending Orientation if they plan to register for a math class during the Orientation session, as the Orientation advisor will need the ALEKS assessment results to provide guidance for enrollment.
  3. Transfer students and current DMACC students, including Postsecondary Secondary Enrollment Open (PSEO) and Career Advantage students, who have earned a C- or higher in a prerequisite math course​ within the previous 18 months from the date of enrollment will be exempt and do not need to take the ALEKS placement assessment.
  4. Students who have not already taken ALEKS and wish to enroll in a mathematics course at DMACC for the first time will be required to take the ALEKS mathematics placement assessment before registering in a math class.
  5. Students who only need MAT772 for their program of study are exempt and do not need to take the ALEKS placement assessment.
  6. Academic transcripts will be required to verify transfer credit/grade awarded.

What Does ALEKS Placement, Preparation, and Learning (PPL) include?

ALEKS consists of three parts:

  • An initial placement assessment (Required)
  • A self-paced online review module (PPL) and practice progress assessments (Optional)
  • Access to four additional assessments (Optional)

Students should take the assessment as soon as possible to determine which math courses they are prepared to begin. ALEKS may be taken wherever internet access is available.

Note: New students are again encouraged to complete ALEKS prior to attending DMACC Orientation.

Preparation Schedule

Semester AttendingDates
Fall Semester
March 1 - August 1
​Spring Semester
​July 1 - December 1
​Summer Semester
​December 1 - May 1​

Check out the FAQ before you start your exam to make sure you understand how ALEKS works and get the ALEKS​ code.