Add/Drop with Refund

​​​​​​​​​​​​Dropping a class or classes

When a class is dropped it is either done within the refund period (dropped with refund) or dropped after the refund period (dropped without refund).

Dropped With Refund - a drop with refund WILL NOT be reflected on a transcript for the class and it will NOT affect a student's completion rate.

  • If payment has been made for a class, it will be refunded at 100%.
  • Students eligible for a refund will be refunded either to their existing bank account or to a reloadable debit card based on their refund method selection. ​
  • If payment was made to a credit card, the refund will be credited back to the original credit card.

Dropped Without Refund - a “W” (withdrawal grade) WILL be reflected on the transcript for the class and it WILL affect a student's completion rate.

  • If the class is already paid for, there will be no refund issued to the student.
  • If the class is not already paid for, the student will still owe for the class and will be billed as such.

Important considerations before dropping classes

  • Term Start Date is Key
    The refund schedule is based on the term start date, NOT the start date of the course.
    Be sure you know what term your course is in.
  • Refund Deadlines and the Last Day to Drop Courses are NOT the same
    Refunds are calculated only by the scheduled refund deadlines on this page. To view last day to drop courses dates, go to our Academic Calendar.
  • Students should consider consulting with an advisor or counselor
  • Students should consider insurance issues affected by dropping classes
  • Financial Aid may be affected when a class or classes are dropped.

Student Refunds are computed by using one of the following:

  1. The date the Registration Department receives a formal drop form from the student
  2. The date the Registration Department receives a phone call, mail or fax from the student requesting a class drop (Remember, if you drop a class by phone, you will not have a record of the day you dropped
  3. The date the student initiates a drop via the Internet.

Adding a class or classes

  • Current students may add classes through the first 5 business days of Part of term 1 (Fall, Spring & Summer Terms).
  • After the enrollment deadline, students may add late starting courses only.

​Refund Dates