Check Your Balance

  1. Log in to the myDMACC ​portal and select the Student tab.
    myDMACC navigation bar with Student tab highlighted
  2. Under the Banner Self Service icon, select Account Detail for Term 9x and choose a term (ex. SPRING 2022) to view your account activity and balance.
    Banner Self Service button with arrow pointingAccount Detail for Term 9X link

  3. Charges, payments, and account balance will be displayed.
    • Charges for the selected term will be grouped by type (tuition, fees, rent, etc.).
    • Payments will include financial aid (if any) that has been applied to your account as well as any direct payments made as of the current date.
    • Account Balance reflects the net of charges and payments.​
  4. Authorized Financial Aid (if any) will be shown below Account Balance and will be applied to your account after attendance has been verified for the term. The Account Balance net of Authorized Financial Aid reflects the anticipated balance once authorized financial aid has been applied. A negative number represents an excess amount (overpayment) that will be released to you. Note: Enrollment changes, subsequent charges and/or any changes to financial aid may result in adjustments.