Entrance Counseling & Master Promissory Note

​​Entrance Counseling

Entrance Counseling is a session that explains your rights and responsibilities as a student borrower. It is mandatory for all first time loan borrowers. To ensure that you understand this responsibility and the obligation you are assuming when borrowing student loan(s), the federal government requires you to participate in Entrance Counseling before your loan funds can be disbursed. 
If you have previously completed Entrance Counseling at another school, you are still required to complete the Entrance Counseling at DMACC.

Please refer to the Studentaid.gov site to complete your Entr​ance Counseling.

If you need assistance in completing the Entrance Counseling, please see the Entrance Counseling & Master Promissory Note​ help sheet.

Master Promissory Note (MPN)

The Master Promissory Note is a legal document you must sign with your FSA ID agreeing to pay back your loan(s) and any accrued interest and fees to the US Department of Education. This document will apply to your undergraduate Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans for 10 years. The Master Promissory Note will take approximately 30 min to complete. Please complete the Master Promissory Note on the Studentaid.gov website, if you have not previously done so.

If you need assistance in completing the MPN, please see the Entrance Counseling​ & Master Promissory Note help sheet.​

​Exit Counseling

Once a student has either graduated or is no longer registered at least halftime, the student is required to complete Direct Stafford Loan Exit Counseling. 

Completing Exit Counseling will provide you with important information regarding your rights and responsibilities as a student loan borrower. You will also receive information regarding your repayment options, who your loan servicers are, and to whom you will make your loan payments. Completing Direct Stafford Loan Exit Counseling is a federal requirement. It is required even if you are transferring to another institution.  If you are planning on registering at least halftime at DMACC for the next term, you do not need to complete Exit Counseling.

To complete Exit Counseling, please visit www.studentaid.gov. You will use your FSA ID that you use to log into your FAFSA. ​  

You may also complete Exit Counseling by reading the Exit Counseling Guide that will be sent to you by the DMACC Financial Aid Office via personal e-mail or regular U.S. mail.