Financial Aid Forms

After you have applied for financial aid, you may receive an e-mail or text notification from the Financial Aid Office requesting that you submit one or more additional items. Almost all of our additional forms may be completed electronically. You can identify the items you are required to complete by reviewing the directions in the email, or by logging on to our online document portal at, as well as viewing your additional financial aid requirements on the Financial Aid Dashboard section of myDMACC​. In the rare case you are required to submit a paper form, you will find them here. Submit only those forms requested by the Financial Aid Office.

When to Complete the Forms

We recommend completing all requested items immediately after you receive the request from the Financial Aid Office. If you delay or fail to submit the requested items/form(s), you will not receive an award offer in a timely manner and you may jeopardize your eligibility for an award.

​How You Will Receive Your Award Offer

You will receive an award offer electronically at your DMACC e-mail address. It is very important that you check your DMACC e-mail address on a routine basis as this will be the primary method used to contact you.​