Electronic Consent

​DMACC believes that the most efficient way to communicate with students is through electronic means (email, websites, MyDMACC, and the Web Info System) to provide required notifications. We encourage you to consent to this form of communications.

The types of electronic communications you would receive include:

  • Financial Aid Requirements
  • Financial Aid Reminders
  • Financial Aid Policies and Procedures
  • Financial Aid Award Letters
  • Disbursement Notifications
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress Notifications
  • Federal Shopping Sheets
  • Return of Title IV Notifications

You specifically agree to receive, obtain, and/or submit any and all DMACC Financial Aid documents and information electronically. These documents and information will be collectively known as "Electronic Communications," and will include, but not be limited to, any and all current and future required notices and/or disclosures concerning Federal Title IV, State, institutional financial aid, as well as such documents, statements, data, records and other communications regarding your Financial Aid Award. You are acknowledging that you are able to use DMACC email, the Web Info System, and MyDMACC and are able to retain Electronic Communications by printing and/or downloading and saving this Agreement and any other agreements, Electronic Communications, documents, or records that are signed using your E-Signature. You accept Electronic Communications provided via email, the Web Info System, and MyDMACC as reasonable and proper notice for the purpose of fulfilling any and all rules and regulations, and agree that such Electronic Communications fully satisfy any requirement that communications be provided to you in writing or in a form that you may keep.  You acknowledge and agree that you may request a paper version of financial aid documents and communication by contacting the Financial Aid Office at 515-964-6282.  You have the right to withdraw your consent and accessing a paper version of future financial aid notices and disclosures and documents by contacting the Financial Aid Office at 515-964-6282 and providing notice of your recession in writing. You are responsible for installation, maintenance, and operation of your computer, browser and software. You must also have the necessary minimum hardware, software, and operating systems, as well as access to one of the following web browsers capable of supporting 128-bit, SSL encrypted communications: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari. YOU UNDERSTAND THAT THIS AUTHORIZATION IS VALID DURI​NG YOUR ENTIRE PERIOD OF ENROLLMENT AT DMACC OR NOTIFY THE FINANCIAL AID DEPARTMENT IN WRITING. Cancellation is not retroactive.