The Ford Automotive Student Service Educational Training Program (ASSET) is a two-year automotive program designed to educate and train individuals for careers as Ford automotive service technicians. The curriculum, designed jointly by Ford Motor Company and DMACC leads to an Associate in Applied Science degree. The program involves Ford products at DMACC. In addition, the student will intern at a sponsoring Ford or Lincoln dealership.

Prospective Ford ASSET Student Qualifications

To be eligible for the orogram, applicants must:

  •  Be 18 years or older by the time of the first dealer work assignments.
  • Be a high school graduate or equivalent.
  • Be able to meet the school's Ford ASSET admission and academic requirements.
  • Be sponsored by Ford/Lincoln dealer.
  • Hold a valid driver's license.

Dealer Sponsorship

Since considerable time is spent at the dealership, it is a requirement of the program that each student be sponsored by a Ford or Lincoln dealer. Students will receive assistance in locating a sponsoring dealer if they need help. The dealership will provide training-related employment for the student during his/her work experience periods. Since students earn while they learn, a considerable portion of the cost involved in the program is offset.

Work Experience Coordinator

The Ford ASSET instructor will also serve as the work experience coordinator. This arrangement provides him with immediate feedback on the effectiveness of the instruction. The in-dealership coordinator works closely with the Ford ASSET student and his/her college instructor which results in the best possible application of college instruction being reinforced through work assigned at the dealership.

The Ford ASSET work experience coordinator has contact with the students bi-monthly. Ford ASSET students log their work experience daily and submit these reports weekly. During the work internship, the Ford ASSET work experience coordinator, the in-dealership coordinator, and the Ford ASSET student have at least two formal conferences. At each visitation the Ford ASSET work coordinator completes a dealership and student report. These reports are to be shared with the dealership coordinator and student at the conclusion of the internship. A copy also goes into the Ford ASSET student's file.

Program Benefits

The Ford ASSET program requires much effort on the part of the student. However, the benefits are worth the effort. The skill knowledge and potential of those who complete the Ford ASSET program are far superior to most other automotive programs. This balanced in-depth program offers the student as a basis for development and progress within the dealer's organization.

The student receives the knowledge necessary for entry into a high-technology profession, along with the opportunity to practice and develop his/her skills with a considerable amount of on-the-job training while working on late model automobiles at a sponsoring dealership. The Ford ASSET program strives to prepare students with the aptitude to succeed in the automotive industry.

Information Session

Learn more from DMACC Ford ASSET Program Chair, Al Pieper, in this information session.