Ford ASSET Program - Earn While You Learn!


That's the focus of the DMACC Ford ASSET Program (view the brochure (PDF). The partnership between Ford and Lincoln dealers, Ford Motor company, community colleges and technical schools is a two-year program that allows students to earn while they learn and gain hands-on technical experience while earning an Associate's Degree in Automotive Technology.

Ford ASSET Program at DMACC

Ford Motor Company and DMACC have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to provide you with the best automotive training available. Your Ford ASSET instructor is highly qualified and receives the very latest in training from Ford.

Ford has provided the program at DMACC with many late model cars for educational use. These cars are equipped with the latest in automotive technology, including airbags, multi-plexing, and fiber-optics. Ford has also supplied the program with IDS (Integrated Diagnostic System), a computerized interface to communicate with late model Ford and Lincoln vehicles.

The Ford ASSET program is​ located on the DMACC Urban Campus in the Betts Building.​

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