Training Videos

Canvas Basics

One key factor in your success as an online student is knowing and understanding how to use the Canvas learning management system. To help you feel comfortable, there are videos below on logging in and navigating Canvas, checking grades, and using the most common tools.

Note: Our version of Canvas will look a bit different from the one in the videos, but the functionality will be the same.

Canvas Overview:


Assignment Submissionss:


Discussions Overview:


Quizzes Overview:


New Quizzes Overview:


Grades Overview:


Additional videos can be found on the Canvas Student Videos site on topics such as the Calendar, Notifications, User Settings, and the Canvas Mobile App.​

Now what?
I​f you are already a DMACC Student, you can log into Canvas (visit the Course Login page for details) and practice using these tools in the Student Training and Resources course. Visit the Canvas Student Guide Table of Contents for additional help guides. If you have questions about logging in or using any of the tools, please contact DMACC Tech Support.​​​​​​​​