Sustainable Urban

​​Creating sustainability on DMACC Urban Campus through outreach and initiatives

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Sustainable Urban promotes sustainability by engaging and connecting members of the DMACC Urban community.


We seek to fulfill our mission through t​he application of our four-pillar model of sustainability:

Society — building a connected, accessible, livable community with social equity and justice for all

Economy — striving for economic growth that maintains a healthy balance with our environment

Environment — reducing our impact on ​the earth and connecting people with nature

Culture — promoting a culturally rich and diverse campus with a strong identity, history, and sense of place

W​hat does it mean to be sustainable?

Living sustainably means to live in a way that avoids the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. We can all live more sustainably by implementing little changes in our daily routines. Consider reusable alternatives to cut single use items out of your day, sustainable replacements for all single use items are now readily available locally and online! Be sure to check out the DMACC Sustainable Urban Facebook page for weekly sustainability tips and resources to help guide you toward more sustainable habits.

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