Parking and Traffic Regulations

Parking Permit Instructions for Spring 202​3

DMACC Security requires parking permit stickers on these three DMACC campuses: ANKENY, BOONE and URBAN.​​​

Students, faculty and staff members who will be on campus at any of these three locations ― for face-to-face classes, labs, work, etc. ― will need a parking permit. Of note, DMACC Security realizes that a number of students and some employees take classes and/or work at multiple DMACC locations, including some locations that require a parking permit and some that don't. In this situation, you should still make sure to get a parking permit. This will help you avoid getting a ticket when you are at any of the three DMACC campuses that do require them.

There is NO COST to get a DMACC parking permit sticker.

The registered holder of a Parking Permit, regardless of who drives the vehicle, is responsible for that motor vehicle complying with all regulations. Violating parking regulations will result in fines.

Parking lots are marked with signs designating areas for DMACC students, faculty and staff. Visitors are encouraged to obtain a temporary parking pass at designated locations on each campus. Disabled parking spaces are available and designated with signs and pavement markings.​

Parking Permits

There is no charge to register for a Parking Permit. Please bring the following information to register your vehicle: make/model, and license plate number.

Please place your Parking Permit sticker on the inside of your windshield in the lowest corner of the driver's side.​

Ankeny Campus

Obtain Parking Permits at any of these locations:

  • Student Center Office, Building 5​
  • Physical Plant, Building 12
  • Information Desk, Building 1

Evening and Saturday students are not required to register their vehicles unless parked on the campuses during daytime hours, Monday through Friday.

Boone Campus​​​

  • Obtain Parking Permits at the campus front desk.

Evening and Saturday students are not required to register their vehicles unless parked on the campus during daytime hours, Monday through Friday.

Urban Campus​

Parking Permits​​ are required for all vehicles driven on the Urban Campus by students, faculty and staff, including evening and Saturday students, faculty and staff. 

  • Obtain Parking Permits at Student Services in Building 7​. 

​Parking Procedures​

Parking Ticket Appeals Forms