Book and Personal Item Theft

  • ​​Don't leave books and personal items out on tables unattended for any length of time especially in libraries, cafeterias or lounge areas.  These are places where individuals who are scouting for 'easy targets' can easily blend in and watch for a quick opportunity to snatch and run.
  • Don't leave books or any items in view within your vehicle.  Place them in the trunk or glove box.  Thieves love to wander through parking lots looking for items that interest them.
  • Mark your textbooks with something that distinguishes them as uniquely yours! 
  • Write a number or your initials on the same page of each book you purchase once you are sure you do not need to return them for a refund.  This will ID the textbook as your property.  Contact Campus Security at 515-964-6500 and the local police immediately in the event of theft!  It is important to act quickly.