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"I choose DMACC because there are endless opportunities here and the professors are the most down-to-earth people I have ever met. I also enjoyed the campus and how pretty it is!"​

Kelsi, from Colfax-Mingo High School, was a member of the National Honor Society, President of her FFA local chapter and graduated Magna Cum Laude. She could have enrolled at any public or private university, but decided to start her education at DMACC. Smart choice!


​"I ​choose DMACC because it's close to home, and a great start to my career. DMACC is also affordable, which helped my family bigtime."

Iowa's top high school students are choosing DMACC. These students could go anywhere, but they chose DMACC.

Say graduted from North High School. Welcome, Say!

JaKharri-full.png ​


"I choose DMACC because the experiences here are great for first-time college students like myself. I'm also able to start getting into what I love to do, and that's acting! There are so many opportunities here, such as doing plays and ads, that will help prepare me for my acting career."

JaKharri graduated from West Valley High School in Fairbanks, Alaska, and while there received the Principal's Award, was an "All Conference" football player and took 1st place in the "We the People" Conference. Welcome, JaKharri!

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For-Profit Colleges By the Numbers

For-profit colleges charge more than community colleges and public universities.

$26,000 private 4-year, $15,500 for profit, $8.000 public 4-year, $4,000 community colleges 

Student Characteristics 

24 years or older

40% for profit, 19% public 2-year, 4% public 4-year

African American

21% for-profit, 13% public 2-year, 13% public 4-year


63% for profit, 53% public 2-year, 55% public 4-year

Single parent

27% for profit, 9% public 2-year, 3% public 4-year


Students at for-profits are less likely to have graduated high school.

96% public 4-year, 76% for profit, 86% public 2-year  

For-profit students take on more debt than other students. 

55% for profit, 9% community colleges  


For-profit students are less likely to be employed.

84% 4-year, 71% for profit, 78% community colleges


For-profit students earn less than students who attend public colleges.

$28,700 2 year for profit, $32,700 community colleges 



For-profit students are more likely to default on their loans. 

15% for profit, 11% public college, 7% private  

Source: Capsee (Center for Analysis of Postsecondary Education and Employment)