Title Tired of Seeing Red?: Go Green with Ally Accessibility
Location Kaltura Classroom - https://smart.newrow.com/#/room/xyn-628
Start Time 6/4/2024 1:00 PM
End Time 6/4/2024 2:00 PM
Summary: This one-hour session will help you learn how to remove technological barriers in your classroom, ensuring your digital content is accessible to all of your students. The focus of this session will surround how to utilize the various accessibility features in Canvas; including Ally, ReadSpeaker, and the Alternative Formats option. We will reserve the second half of this session to help correct any low accessibility scores within your digital content. We ask that you please come with questions, bring your troublesome documents, and let us help you make them go green!
Kaltura Classroom Session: Join Online in Kaltura Classroom

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Category Training
All Day Event  
Presenter Kate Davis
Content Type: Event