DMACC History - 1970s


Health and Public Services
  • In October, the first two permanent buildings on the Ankeny Campus, Industrial Manufacturing and Health Services, were completed and occupied. Center II in West Des Moines was vacated. The Data Processing building on the Ankeny Campus was completed in December. (1970)
  • Carroll and Audubon counties officially became a part of the Des Moines Area Community College district. (1970)
  • Two additional buildings (#6 and #7) on the Ankeny Campus were completed and occupied. (1970)


  • The Des Moines School of Practical Nursing was moved to the Ankeny Campus to be housed in the Health Sciences building. (1971)
  • Fall enrollment reached a new high of 2,801 students. (1971)
  • The Library/Media Center and the Food Services Buildings on the Ankeny Campus were completed. (1971)


New Land
  • An additional approximately 80 acres of land lying just west of the present Ankeny Campus was purchased, expanding the total campus to nearly 320 acres. (1972)
  • An addition to the Data Processing building on the Ankeny Campus was completed. Center I on Vine St. in West Des Moines was closed with the remaining programs there transferred to the Ankeny Campus. (1972)
  • The Urban Center for Higher Education was established at Eighth and Washington in Des Moines in February. In August, the Center moved to facilities at 920 Washington, formerly Dowling High School. (1972)


  • Fall enrollment of credit students totals 3,888 students, continuing the College's rapid growth. (1973)
  • Construction was begun on the Public Services Careers building, in addition to the Health Sciences building and a Central Utilities building on the Ankeny Campus (1973)


  • DMACC received a major Advanced Institutional Development Project (AIDP) grant for the purpose of enhancing the management of the College and improving programs for students. (1974)
  • The Urban Center moved to Fifth and College, the former Sabin Elementary School. (1974)
  • DMACC was awarded full accreditation by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools for a five-year period (1974)


  • The DMACC Foundation held its first fund drive, resulting in contributions totaling $43,000 to be used for student scholarships and loans (1975)
  • Construction was begun on the Physical Plant building (Bldg. #12) on the Ankeny Campus (1975)
  • Fall term enrollment surpasses 5,000 credit students. Fall enrollment is up 24 percent from the fall of 1974 enrollment with 5,243 students taking credit classes (Sept. 1975)


  • The first Collective Bargaining Agreement between the faculty and the Board of Directors was implemented in accordance with provisions of the Iowa Public Employment Relations Act. (1976)
10 year anniversary


  • DMACC celebrated its first ten years of operation with an extensive public relations campaign which culminated in a Tenth Anniversary Birthday Party Open House in October on the Ankeny Campus attended by overflow crowds. (Oct. 1977)


  • The DMACC Board of Directors approved an agreement with the city of Des Moines to acquire approximately six acres of land on Seventh Street just north of I-235 as a site for an Urban Campus (1978)


  • DMACC was awarded a continuation of North Central Accreditation (NCA) for seven years with a focused visit scheduled in three years to assess the College's efforts to improve student access and choice. (1979)
  • A Western Attendance Center was established in Carroll in rented facilities at 229 N. Main St. (1979)
  • Construction was begun on a new 30,000 square foot Urban Campus facility. (1979)

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