Student Resources

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Recommended Courses

SDV108 The College Experience

This course is required for all first-time students seeking an AA, AS, or AGS degree. The course will prepare you for your college career at DMACC. The course will also address leadership, interpersonal issues, financial management, stress management, diversity, and an overview of effective study habits. The contents of the course will prepare you for college and beyond.

SDV115 Study Strategies

This course provides an in-depth focus on study strategies for independent learning and academic success. Learn how to plan a semester of study, identify your learning style, manage your time effectively, study textbooks and take classroom notes efficiently, improve your memorization and test preparation skills, and develop basic research techniques. 

College Preparatory Courses

Several courses are available to update your skills in reading, writing, and math. Talk with an advisor regarding course options in this area.

Links to Important Services Available for All DMACC Students

  • DMACC's Academic Achievement Centers (AAC) are a one-stop shop where students receive academic assistance with their coursework from DMACC instructors.
  • Peer tutoring is offered at each campus through the AAC.
  • Online tutoring is available through the AAC by email or virtually.
  • Academic Advisors provide guidance from admission through graduation
  • Cou​nselors are here to assist you in meeting your academic, career and personal goals.