Faculty FAQ-Ankeny Campus Disability Services Office

Why am I receiving an accommodation letter?

You are receiving an accommodation letter because the student is registered with the Disability Services Office and receives accommodations.  Please meet with the student privately to discuss each of the accommodations listed.

Testing Accommodations:

The student has the accommodation of time-and-a-half for quizzes and/or exams. What do I need to do for this student?

The best practice is for the instructor to place the exam in his/her file in the Testing Center in Building 6, Room 23 at least one day before a test is to be given (if a student has an accommodation for a test reader, please see the next question). Please be sure to complete a test proctoring form which provides the Testing Center staff with specific directions (i.e. time limits, notes, etc.).  The student will then take the exam in the Testing Center rather than the classroom.  Please note:  the Testing Center will time the test.  They do not remove a test from a student should they go over the time; the proctor form will note the length of time.

The student has the accommodation of a test reader. Do I need to read the test to the student?

No. Arrangements will be made for a reader for the student. However, as stated on the accommodation letter, please place the exam in your file in the Testing Center at least 24-48 hours in advance. Disability Services Office staff scan the exam into a reading program that allows the computer to read the exam to the student. It is very helpful for both our staff and students to have this process completed before the student arrives for the exam.

The student has the accommodation of testing outside the classroom. What do I need to do for this accommodation?

Best practice is for the instructor to place the exam in the Testing Center in Building 6, Room 23. However, if you would like to proctor the exam for the student in a private setting, you may make arrangements with the student to do so.

Since the student has additional test time, does that mean I have to allow the student an extra day or week to complete the exam?

No.  On the proctoring form, you may specify the date and time in which the student must complete the exam. However, please be flexible with students that may have another class scheduled right before or after your class. They may need to take their exam at a different time in order to both attend class and receive additional test time.

The student has mentioned that he/she takes their exams in the Disability Services Office not the Testing Center. Where do I need to take the exam?

There are students who take exams in the Disability Services Office based on the need for a quiet environment. Please also place the exams for these students in the Testing Center in Building 6, Room 23. The Disability Services Office staff will retrieve the exam once the student arrives, proctor the exam, and return the exam to your file upon completion.

Note Taking Accommodation:

On the student's accommodation letter, it states that they receive assistance with note-taking. What is my role in assisting the student with implementing this accommodation?

Students who have been granted assistance with note-taking should provide the instructor with a note-taking notebook from the Disability Services Office. On the front of the notebook, specific directions are provided for the instructor and the note-taker. Please read through these directions and contact Disability Services if you have any questions.

Student Responsibilities:

What do students need to do ahead of time to ensure they have their accommodations?

Students have various responsibilities in regards to the implementation of accommodations. They should do the following:

    1. Request accommodation letters for their instructors via Disability Services
    2. Pick up their letters from the Disability Services Office (Building 6, Room 10)
    3. Meet with each instructor to discuss their accommodations and provide each instructor with an accommodation letter
    4. Sign up for special testing accommodation services (private room, test reader) a minimum of 24 hours in advance of their test date

*Note: For #4, students may complete the online request form for special services.

Additional Information:

Who should I contact if I have questions or need help with the accommodation process?

You may contact the Disability Services Coordinator, Jennifer Argo, at x6850 or email at jdargo@dmacc.edu.  Her office is located in Bldg. 6, room 10.

Best regards for the semester and thank you for your support in providing accommodations!