Preadmission Courses

​​​​The Academic Achievement Center offers two pre-enrollment courses: Biology and Chemistry. Although the courses are independent study, help from the instructors is available during the hours they are on duty in the center. See the Ankeny AAC page for the hours the biology and chemistry instructors are available. The curriculum is similar to a typical high school course without a lab component. Credits are not assig​ned to these courses nor do they count towards the GPA. The course will not necessarily transfer to meet prerequisite requirements at other colleges. If you want to enroll in the biology or chemistry course, contact Stacy Vaughn on the Ankeny Campus at

Preadmission Course Policies​


The pre-admission Biology and Chemistry courses are divided into Biology I and Biology II and Chemistry I and Chemistry II. ​The fee for each part of each course is $30. The student has four months from the date of enrollment to complete the course. A one-time extension for another four months may be granted for medical or other emergencies. This extension requires an additional payment of $30.

If the course has not been completed within 8 months, including the 4-month extension, the student will be required to repeat the entire course by reenrolling and repeating the exams. There are no course refunds.


An average of 70% on all tests is required for successful completion. Sixty percent is the minimum acceptable score on any one test in a course. A student who scores less than 60% must retake that exam. A minimum waiting period of at least 24 hours is required before retaking the test. The score on the first test will be averaged with the score on the retake.