DART Mobile Pass Guide

​​As you may know DMACC students, employees and staff can ride Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority (DART) fare free. This benefit allows you access to unlimited fare free boarding on DART buses. You can ride to work, run errands, travel to entertainment venues and more! The benefit includes DART’s local, express, on-call and paratransit services. 

To access the benefit, you will need either a physical or mobile pass. If you are interested in a physical pass, please visit Security at either DMACC Urban Campus Building 1 or Ankeny Campus Building 5. They will assist in issuing a pass.

Mobile passes are issued each academic year. The 2023-2024 Unlimited Access pass was distributed on August 24, 2023. Pass distribution notification emails are sent to your DMACC inbox. You may activate, then utilize the pass immediately upon receipt. Passes for new students and employees will be distributed regularly throughout the year.

Please activate the pass prior to boarding a bus. Operators are unable to assist with mobile pass 

Accessing your mobile pass: 

I have the MyDART App!

If you already have a MyDART app account associated with your DMACC email address: 
  • The new pass is currently available in the ticket section of the app. 
  • Skip to the Activating my mobile pass section of this message and follow the activation instructions to enjoy your DART benefit.
If you already have a MyDART app account associated with a personal email address:
  • You will need to email DARThelp@dmacc.edu​ with your name, personal email address and current @dmacc.edu email address and a new pass will be issued to your existing account within three days.
  • Once the new pass has been distributed, follow the activation instructions in the  Activating my mobile pass section of this page to enjoy your DART benefit.

I do NOT have the MyDART App.

If you do not have the MyDART app, your mobile pass was distributed to your DMACC email address. Check 
that inbox (or spam inbox) for the email of distribution notification. 
  • ​Click the link in the email and register for an account using your DMACC email address. (See right)
  • After you complete the account registration, download the MyDART app on your phone and log in using your newly made account. 
  • Follow the activation instructions below and enjoy your​ DART benefit


Activating my mobile pass:

Once you have the MyDART app, you will activate your mobile pass through the following steps 
(sample screen grabs are provided for your reference): 
  1. Open tickets section of MyDART app (see first screen grab for location), DMACC mobile pass will be visible in the “Available” tab
  2. Touch the pass until it highlights and “ACTIVATE” icon appears
  3. Press “ACTIVATE” icon to begin activation process
  4. Click “YES” when the expiration reminder appears (your pass doesn’t expire until 12/31/23)
  5. Your mobile pass will appear, completing the activation process. Press “SHOW CODE” icon to reveal boarding QR code (see fourth screen grab for location).
  6. Utilize this QR code each time you board the bus
  7. NOTE: After activation, your pass will be available in the “Active” tab of the tickets section


Should you experience any issues with your mobile pass, please contact DART’s customer service 
at dart@ridedart.com​ or 515-283-8100.


  • You will only be issued one unlimited access pass – either mobile or physical
  • DART utilizes @dmacc.edu emails for the Unlimited Access program, if you have a personal email address attached to your MyDART account will need to email DARThelp@dmacc.edu​ with your name, personal email address and current @dmacc.edu email address
  • DART has been cleaning and sanitizing buses more often since mid-March 2020. Whether you are just returning to campus or have been commuting all along, we recommend that you follow these suggestions:
    • ​Try to sit (or stand) away from others
    • Be sure to wash your hands regularly, including after riding
    • Masks are not mandatory on DART buses and riders may decide whether or not to wear them. However, DART will continue to provide free, disposable mask which are available upon boarding if needed 
    • If you are feeling sick, please do not ride DART
To learn more about DART’s response to COVID-19, please visit ridedart.com​