Preventing Car Theft

Take positive action…

  • Lock your car and pocket the key.
  • Shut the windows tightly whenever you park, even a tiny gap allows a thief to insert a wire to pry up the lock button.
  • Lock all doors and trunk or hatch back every time you leave your car. Lock garage doors also, if you have one.
  • Never leave your car running unattended, even for a minute! Your car can easily be stolen while you run in to buy a newspaper, etc.
  • Do not conceal a spare key inside or outside the car. Thieves know all the hiding places.
  • Don't disconnect the buzzer that warns of keys left in the ignition. It is for your protection.
  • Park in a well lit area where there are plenty of passersby, nearby stores, restaurants, etc.
  • Turn wheels sharply left or right to make it harder for a thief to tow your vehicle.
  • Replace standard lock button with tapered ones. The replacements are very inexpensive and are much harder to pry up.
  • Do not advertise your home address by leaving packages, letters, etc. with your name and address visible in the car. It is an invitation to home burglary.

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