When a tornado alarm sounds, go to the designated area or an INTERIOR hallway or restroom away from exterior windows, glass doors or any potential flying glass. These designated areas as well as the Tornado procedure is described on the Tornado Drill instructions posted throughout buildings and inside all classrooms near the main hallway entrance. Please familiarize yourself with the designated areas to go to in case of a tornado.

If you are outside of a building when the alarms sound, stay out of vehicles and go to the nearest building. If no buildings are close, look for a ditch, culvert, or low spot.

When the Tornado alarm stops, it does not mean that the tornado has passed. The tornado alarm automatically is turned off after approximately 3 minutes. Security or a building captain, listening to a weather radio, can determine if it's "ALL CLEAR" for your building and will notify occupants when it is safe to leave the designated shelter.