Power Outage

Power outages, while very disruptive, generally do not create a dangerous situation requiring the need to cancel classes nor vacate the building. Power outages may last only a few seconds or many hours. The majority of power outages at DMACC are caused when Mid America or Alliant Energy lose power during a storm, accidents involving utility poles, animals electrocuted in the switch gear, or other equipment failures and typically last 30-45 minutes.

The physical plant closely monitors all power outages and based on the time of day, weather conditions, expected length of outage, etc. will recommend to the administration if classes need to be canceled.

If power is lost in your building:

  • Call Physical Plant at 515-964-6253 or the Campus Provost.
  • Move students to a lit area near windows & entrances during the day (unless there is a severe storm) or to hallways that have emergency lighting.
  • Do not dismiss classes until you receive an official announcement.
  • Report any emergency lights that do not work for at least 15 minutes.