When a fire alarm sounds, please proceed to the nearest fire exit and remain in an area at least 500 ft away from the building. Familiarize yourself with the fire exits in your building.

If you find a fire and the fire alarm has not sounded, pull the nearest fire alarm pull station, and then proceed to the nearest fire exit in the building. Do not re-enter the building until "all clear" has been given by the Building Captain.

Fire Extinguishers: DMACC employees and students are not expected to fight fires with hand held fire extinguishers. However, employees are encouraged to obtain training on hand-held fire extinguishers. If you are not trained to use a fire extinguisher, do not stay in the building to extinguish a fire. Leave immediately and go to a remote location to call Security (if applicable), the Provost, or the Fire Department at 8​-911.