DegreeWorks Planner

What is the DegreeWorks Planner?

The planner runs in conjunction with the degree audit feature of DegreeWorks. The planner allows students to create academic plans to fulfill future course requirements, and help them stay on track toward their program completion.​

Where can I access the Planner?

The planner can be accessed by logging into DegreeWorks through myDMACC. Once in DegreeWorks, click the 'Plan' tab at the top of your audit.

What is the difference between building a plan from a template and building from a blank plan?

A blank plan allows you to build a plan from scratch, while a template has the courses and requirements laid out for you by semester to build off of.

How do I know whether to use a blank plan or a template?

If you are a first time student, the template is a useful tool as it lays out all requirements for your program by semester, and in the order it is recommended they be taken. The blank plan might be preferred for those students who previously completed or transferred in credits, since they may have already met some of the requirements laid out in the template.

Who should I contact to help me build a plan?

If you would like assistance in building out a plan for your specific program, please contact the Information Desk to schedule an appointment with an advisor at 515-964-6200 or 1-800-362-2127.