Registrar Departments

Registration: 515-964-6800

The Registration staff is responsible for processing of non-credit (Continuing Education) and credit course enrollment paperwork. This includes changes in enrollment status (drop, add, withdrawal, audit). Additional information regarding registration processes including registration dates can be accessed at the Registration website.

Academic Records: 515-964-6341 or 515-964 6396

The Academic Records staff is responsible for the grade-related processes. This includes transcript issuance, grade collection and processing, academic standing evaluation, enrollment and graduation verification processes, and maintenance of student contact and demographic information. Academic Records website.

Credentials/Graduation: 515-964-6644 ​​​

Services provided to students by the Credentials/Graduation department are evaluation and processing of transfer credit, providing degree audits at the student's request, and reviewing graduation applications and awarding degrees/diplomas/certificates. Credentials/Graduation website.

Other Duties:

The DMACC Registrar serves on the following Committees or Commissions:

  • Petition for Policy Waiver; committee chair
  • Academic Standards Commission; member
  • Curriculum Review Committee; member
  • District wide development of procedures that relate to student educational records, registration and credential/graduation services.