DMACC/UNI 2+2 Elementary Education Program

In partnership with DMACC, UNI offers 2+2 degree programs for students who are place-bound and cannot move to the UNI campus or students who are changing careers.

This program provides a flexible option for non-traditional students who wish to earn an Elementary Education teaching degree. Students complete two years of coursework at Des Moines Area Community College, followed by courses taken from the University of Northern Iowa. UNI courses are offered online with some courses requiring a field experience component.

​Elementary Education

A degree from UNI means affordable academic excellence. For more specifics, browse through our website or visit UNI's 2+2 Elementary Education page.


Benefits of DMACC/UNI 2+2 Education Degree Programs

  • ​Students take classes as a cohort (group) enabling them to offer each other support academically and personally.
  • Faculty develop 2+2 programs that are the same as on-campus programs.
  • A UNI 2+2 faculty member/coordinator is onsite at at the Carroll Campus and a UNI 2+2 academic advisor is onsite at the Urban Campus to better serve students in their home community.
  • Student teaching placement and supervision is done through UNI's statewide network of student teaching centers. Full-time UNI faculty supervise student teachers.​
  • UNI staff in the program departments, Admissions, Financial Aid, Continuing Education, and other support offices are prepared to help DMACC/UNI 2+2 students at a distance.

 Student Testimonials

Jessie Wittrock

​Thanks to the UNI/DMACC 2+2 program I was successful at earning my degree in Elementary Education from my home town with occasional face to face meetings. The technology used allowed for online courses, collaboration via Zoom, google docs for teamwork with partners and group work in order to complete assignments. The final two semesters did require more face to face meetings, but the professors were upfront on the dates and times allowing you plenty of time to plan ahead. Some professors were very flexible and would allow you to choose between two different locations and two different dates per month. The learning experience was well worth it. Had this program not existed I wouldn't be on my way to teaching in my own classroom today. It's extremely accommodating for a wife, mother of two children, all while carrying a full time job! The school is very organized and through their communication I was confident during my whole experience.

Marya Bermudez

​The UNI/DMACC 2+2 program was exactly what I was looking for.  I wanted a program that would allow me to stay where I lived, that would allow me to keep my job, and that would allow me to keep raising my family all while earning a degree in education.  The program allowed me to do all this because it is set up at a pace that was easy to keep up and the instructors made learning fun. I will always cherish the people that I met and the knowledge that I gained through this program!