Program Courses

DMACC Core Courses that transfer to ISU as the Basic Program
EGR 100 Engineering Orientation 1 credit
EGR 151 Visual Basic Applications for Engineers2 credits
​EGR 152MATLAB​2 credits
EGR 155 Engineering C/C++ 2 credits
EGR 161* Engineering Computations 2 credits
MAT 211 Calculus I 5 credits
MAT 217 Calculus II 5 credits
PHY 213 Classical Physics I 5 credits
ENG 105 Composition I 3 credits
ENG 106 Composition II3 credits
CHM 165 General/Inorganic Chem I 4 credits
SDV 108 The College Experience1 credit
DMACC Course Offerings beyond ISU's Basic Program
EGR 166 Engineering Graphics/Conceptual Design 4 credits
EGR 180 Statics3 credits
MAT 219 Calculus III 4 credits
MAT 227 Differential Equations 4 credits
PHY 223 Classical Physics II 4 credits

For students planning on transferring to Iowa State University’s College of Engineering:
PDFDMACC Courses that are Required by ISU's College of Engineering Program.

NOTE 1: Only one of the three programming classes listed above (and highlighted) is required as part of the ISU basic program. You will need to work with an academic advisor to determine which programming course you should take: EGR151, EGR152 or EGR155. *EGR 161 must be completed in addition to one of the programming classes in order to meet requirements.

NOTE 2: If you are transferring to an engineering college other than Iowa State University please work closely with both the DMACC Academic Advisors and the 4 year University you plan to attend. The courses above directly meet ISU's requirements, other schools may differ in their pre-engineering requirements.

NOTE 3: There are prerequisites that apply to many of the classes above, and also an order in which these classes should be taken. Please work with an advisor to make sure you are following a plan.

NOTE 4: DMACC offers many other courses that may meet requirements of your engineering program. Work with advisors at both DMACC and your transfer university to determine what else DMACC can do for you!