Program Entry Deadlines & Checklist

​​​​​​​​​Program Entry Deadlines

In order to be admitted to the program for the Fall semester, items #1 through #5 on the Program Entry Checklist need to be completed by August 1st.

The Mortuary Science program is sequenced to begin in the Fall semester. However, students that are unable to begin in the Fall semester, may apply for a Spring semester start on a space available basis. After applying for admission for Fall semester, and completing items #1-4 on the Program Entry Checklist, students can express an interest in starting in Spring semester with the Program Chair during the Program Conference (item #5). If approved, the Program Chair will notify the Admissions Office to change the start date from Fall s​emester to Spring semester. In order to be admitted for Spring semester, items #1 through #5 on the Program Entry Checklist need to be completed​ by ​December 1st.

If a student submits the Program Entry Checklist items after the dates listed above, we may not be able to get the student admitted for the requested semester.​​


Program Entry Checklist

  1. Complete a DMACC Application. Go to the online application.
    ​​​Note - If you need to complete college-level credits or an associate degree prior to admission to Mortuary Science, apply for the Liberal Arts AA degree with an area of interest in Mortuary Science​. 

  2. Submit college transcript(s) of all completed college work and/or your high school transcript. 
    Colleges and universities need to send the transcript directly to the DMACC Admissions Office electronically to; or by mail to 2006 S Ankeny Blvd, Ankeny IA 50023.

    For more information, see the DMACC Transfer Credit page.

    For the Funeral Services AAS option, submit college transcript(s) of all completed college work and/or your high school transcript. Each student must have a high school diploma or a minimum of 9 college-level credits with a 2.0 grade point average to begin the Funeral Services AAS program.  The Credentials office will verify any credits you have already obtained and apply them toward the AAS degree.​

    For the Mortuary Science Advanced Standing Diploma option, the Credentials office will verify that you have already obtained:
    1. A minimum of 15 credits earned in general education, that includes one communications course, one mathematics or science course, and one social/behavioral science or humanities course; an
    2. Evidence of
    • the awarding of a minimum of an associate degree from a regionally accredited institution, or
    • a minimum of 64 credits from a regionally accredited institution with a grade point average of 2.0.
    • Because BIO 733 or BIO 164 is required within the program, it will not be counted toward the general education courses required for admission.

  3. Submit the Career Exploration form
    The recommendation must be on the form linked below and must be completed and signed by a licensed funeral director.
    Career Exploration form

  4. Once items #1-#3 are completed, contact the Program at ​​to confirm everything is completed and to schedule a Mortuary Science Program Conference. The Program Conference will include a discussion of the state in which you plan to become licensed as well as your proposed schedule of courses leading to graduation.​

  5. At the time of the Program Conference, the Program Chair will send you a link to required forms needing to be completed and returned to the Program office prior to registration.

  6. Complete the DMACC Orientation / Registration requirements.

Transfer Credit

The DMACC Mortuary Science Program does not accept transfer credits from other institutions for Mortuary Science courses other than MOR 215 - Funeral Law I, MOR 331 – Funeral Home Management, and MOR 366 – Funeral Pathology​​​​​​