Nurse Aide 75 Hour (Basic)

This course prepares the student to work in a nursing home, home health care agency, group home and/or hospital. The first 45 hours of the course are held in a classroom/lab and the remaining 30 hours of clinical will be in a nursing home. You will provide resident/patient care under the supervision of your instructor. At the end of this course, you must take the Direct Care Worker Registry written and skills exam to be eligible for employment.

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​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Where Do I Start?

​​​Step 1 - Apply for Admission

Applying online for admission to DMACC is quick, easy, and FREE. 

  • ​​Select “Nurse Aide” as your major if you only plan on taking Nurse Aide classes.
  • Once application is approved, continue to Step 2.

​Step 2 - Register for your chosen Nurse Aide course

  • ​Registration Opens: Nurse Aide courses follow DMACC credit registration dates.
  • Class Schedules: Nurse Aide classes can be found here by searching for SUBJECT=Nurse Aide Orderly or COURSE = 172. ​
  • Waitlist: As of Summer 2022, the DMACC registration Waitlist feature has been activated for Nurse Aide classes.​​

Step 3 - Complete and submit required health forms

  1. Click on the link below to complete the signature form, which allows us to run a background check prior to the start of class. This is extremely important and must be done before moving on to Part B.​

    DMACC Certified Nursing Assistant SIGNATURE Form

  2. ​​Create your online VIEWPOINT Account
    Click on the link below to create your account.  If you have already created a Viewpoint account for any other program or college, please DO NOT create a second account.  If you've created an account under another program, please notify us by email at so we can request your account be moved to Nurse Aide.  Or, if you accidentally created a 2nd Viewpoint account for Nurse Aide, please notify us so we can remove the duplicate.​

    CLICK HERE:  Create VIEWPOINT Account

    The following should pop up.  Simply click on the “Start Your Order" button and follow the instructions.​CNA-Viewpoint-Screen.png 

​C.   Submit Mandatory Health Forms to VIEWPOINT

​​​T​here are three steps to follow to prepare you to submit the necessary healthcare forms.

      1. Make an appointment with your medical provider (MD, DO, PA, ARNP). We encourage you to schedule your appointment at least three weeks prior to the start of class.
      2. Click on each of the following three links, print out the entire form, and take them all with you to your medical provider appointment. Your medical provider must sign the physical and immunizations form and the TB testing form. The flu shot form may be signed by whomever administered the flu shot (perhaps a pharmacy technician, nurse, or doctor).
      3. ​Upload the completed forms and any additional documentation to your Viewpoint Account.  You will need to scan the completed forms to your DMACC email address or computer.  If you don't have access to a scanner, your medical provider might be able to scan them for you or perhaps you can ask a friend or family member.  You are always welcome to stop by your local DMACC campus for assistance.

​D.  CPR Certification

The last item to check off your to-do list is Healthcare Provider Level CPR Certification.  Below are links to approved CPR courses.  Please note that 100% online courses are NOT accepted.  You may take a class that is web-blended (part online, part in person) if the skills check-off is done in person.  Once you complete the CPR class, bring a copy of your CPR card to CNA class. 


Please watch this video for instructions on How to Complete and Submit the Prerequisite Packet.

​Prerequisite Packet must be submitted and approved prior to online registration.
Online registratio​n closes three days prior to start of class. 


Application & Registration

Students who wish to register for the nurse aide courses will need ​to apply for admission, be accepted at DMACC, and complete prerequisite packet prior to enrolling in the courses.    


We will only accept completed packets. Packets can be submitted two ways only:

  • Scan full completed packet and email to from your DMACC email address, or
  • Deliver packet in person to the DMACC Ankeny Campus Building 24, Room 308. (Note: packets will not be accepted in person at any other location.)