Dental Hygiene Exchange Program

​​​​​​​DMACC and Yamanashi Dental Hygiene College (YDHC) in Kofu, Japan established an exchange program since 1988.  YDHC has a three-year dental hygiene program which is basically dental assisting and dental hygiene combined.  At DMACC, there is a one-year Dental Assisting program and a two-year Dental Hygiene program, both based out of the Ankeny Campus.

The program takes place every two years with two Japanese students and an instructor traveling to DMACC in the fall, and two DMACC students and an instructor traveling to Japan in the spring​. 

Students get the chance to sit in on classes and do activities with their peers, visit dental offices to see what the country's dental practices are like, and participate in trips and excursions so students can experience each others' culture.

Here are some experiences shared by students in the exchange program.

2021-22 Virtual Exchange

In 2021, Fall and 2022 Spring due to COVID-19, a “virtual” exchange took place with DMACC students from both first and second year programs doing a virtual presentation and video for the YDHC students. The YDHC students made a video for DMACC students as well. We had a question and answer session too. It was a great way to connect even though we could not be together in person. 
  • View Video​ for ​YDHC created by DMACC Dental Hygiene student Lily Fuger

2019 Exchange


2017 Exchange


​Ph​otos from Past Exchanges