Who? You! Stand up and stand out in this new initiative!

What? ​Honors@CriminalJustice, click here for the DMACC Honors Program, and choo​se to focus on the discipline of criminal justice!

Why? You can investigate or create projects of YOUR interest in the criminal justice system, while DMACC pays for the Honors seminar credits (2 classes of 2 credits each), and tuition rebates of up to 3 credits per semester (9 credits of courses in the criminal justice program), for a total of 13 to 16 free credits, Honors designation on your college transcripts, PLUS the possibility of scholarships if you transfer to a four-year institution!

Where? Honors seminar courses are offered in virtual classroom and online in fall 2020, and discipline courses with honors also are available in virtual classroom and online formats beginning fall 2020!

When? Apply today for ​admittance!​

DMACC Honors Program Website

The Honors Program Director is available to review applications, answer questions, and direct students and honors faculty on all campuses to the best available resources.

Dr. Laurie Linhart​
Director of the Honors Program at DMACC
Email: lclinhart@dmacc.edu
Phone: (515) 988-4810

Contact Criminal Justice Program co-chair Samantha O'Hara at sjohara@dmacc.edu for questions regarding the Honors@CriminalJustice initiative.