Civil Engineering Technology Program

CET offers a fast track way to enter the workforce by offering a CET Certificate that can be completed in one year. This certificate consists of 8 CET courses, taken one at a time, with a heavy online component so that even those working a full time job will have access to this opportunity.  This Certificate will make you career ready, with earning potential of $40,000–$50,000 per year.

For those seeking a two year degree, students will be able to continue beyond the Certificate to earn their AAS degree. The 2nd year is made up of a few more CET courses, as well as 15 credits of general education coursework.

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Civil Engineering Technicians are the eyes and ears for the engineers….helping to design, construct and maintain our civil engineering infrastructure: bridges, roads, dams, culverts, airports and more.

Do you like to see things get built? Design? Work outside? Use technology? A DMACC Civil Engineering Technology Degree may be what you're looking for.