Where Are They Now?

See where DMACC CAD Tech program graduates are working.

Jasen Hammer - 2011 DMACC Graduate

Eagle Iron Works, LLC - November 2012 - present- CAD Operator/ Project Manager - creating fabrication drawings for out sourcing during out sourced period. Oversee all machine orders from beginning to end, both in house and from outside vendors, customer communication for sales order acknowledgements, keeping track of order, etc.

Eagle Iron Works Corporation March 2011 - November 2012 - Draftsman- worked on various prints for fabrication in shop, bill of materials, ERP Structuring.

Kyle Greenwood - 2005 DMACC Graduate

Todd & Sargent  - August 22, 2005 - present. I am a Structural Detailer. I use AUTOCAD on a daily basis to create structural drawings of piling, concrete silos & feed mills, steel towers & bridges, equipment supports, building foundations, equipment foundations, tunnels, etc. Anything that you would see at a large storage, export, or milling site, I draw. My day to day is always changing, I work on all parts of the facilities, so once I finish one thing, it may be a year or more before I work another similar piece. From time to time I am also in the field to do on-site inspections, review field built or field modified structures, or training new employees in on-site inspection. I have worked on projects with as many as four or five other drafters drawing different things, and I have also worked on projects as the only drafter. I work closely with engineers, taking their design notes and turning them into working sets of drawings, complete with fabrication drawings of smaller pieces and bills of materials. No additional schooling after DMACC.

Jonathan Crowson - 2007 DMACC Graduate

EFCO. Started working at EFCO part time while still in the CAD program at DMACC. I have been with EFCO for 7 years. Initially, I was helping create a database for all items we manufacture using Inventor. Today, I maintain our Inventor database as well as our AutoCAD database (16000 and 24000 files, respectively).

I create standard blocks, procedures, details for the entire company which means I need Spanish and English variations of anything containing text, as well as metric and imperial. Along with the details / procedures, I also create occasional animations using Inventor Publisher to help clarify certain operations.

I also act as a teacher / trainer for EFCO employees that use drafting software. I have traveled to Chile, Argentina, Peru, England, Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico as well as various US cities to provide training.

Another function I fulfill is technical support for all AutoCAD / Inventor users (over 200 users).

The above is the majority of my daily functions, but I also fulfill other "various" tasks.

My current job title is Senior Drafter although my job responsibilities are closer to that of a CAD Manager.

In 2010 I started teaching continuing education courses at DMACC regarding beginning AutoCAD/ intermediate AutoCAD and a crash course on Inventor.

No other schools / courses after DMACC, but I was a student at the University of Iowa as a Math major

Keith Kennedy  - 2005 DMACC Graduate

Cox Communications LLC Phoenix, AZ, Right of Way Specialist, November 2005 - present. I coordinate with city and townships to acquire construction permits for trenching, boring and/or asphalt cutting in right of ways, and private property for install or repair of tv, internet and phone service cables.

Patrick Parks - 2010 DMACC Graduate; 2013 UNI Graduate

Worked at John Deere Engine Works as a part time manufacturing engineer while attending UNI upon graduation in December of 2013 took a job at Unverferth Manufacturing Co. In Shell Rock, Iowa as a manufacturing engineer.

My main duties are updating time standards, Improve production flow by changing shop floor layout, tooling for machines (lathes, VMC, HMC), designing weld fixtures and machine fixtures, nesting for lasers, continuous improvement projects designing/ purchasing.

Matt Van Zante - 2005 DMACC Graduate

Started at EFCO as a drafter March 2005 where I detailed custom concrete formwork to be built in our Des Moines, IA or Georgetown Ontario Canada plant. I primarily used AutoDesk Inventor to design and detail the forms we were building. Many times we were building forms with complex curves and different transitions, square to round, round to oval, hex to rectangle, etc.

In 2006 I became a checker where I would check over other drafters work before sending drawings to manufacturing. This included checking tolerances and interferences, as well as making sure the forms met the specs called out by the engineer. This involved communication with the engineer as to how the form was to be built, material, thicknesses, welds, etc. and also communicating with manufacturing on any questions they might have while building the form.

In 2010 a position opened up to create animations for training DVD's that our company produces. This involves creating animations of how to assemble and cycle our equipment efficiently and safely. I build assemblies in Inventor and then import them into 3ds Max. In 3ds Max I apply real life materials and create all of the movement for the sequence we are showing. I then export a series of image files for that sequence that gets placed in our videos.

Kray Shivers - 2013 DMACC Graduate

Worked as a temp for QPS @ Lemar Industries as a draftsmen, Entegee @ John Deere as a CDF Draftsmen/Modeler, My current job is at ALMACO in Nevada, IA, as a Documentation Draftsmen but will be moving to New Product soon.

Brady North - 2005 DMACC Graduate;  
2011 Iowa State University Graduate

Composite Technologies Corporation - 2005 to 2006. Systems Specialist/Drafting Tech: AutoCAD drawings, BOMs, and CNC programs for insulation fabrication for tilt up concrete walls.

3E Manufacturing Division - 2006 to 2007. Drafter/Designer: Created parts, assemblies, and shop drawings using SolidWorks and AutoCAD, BOMs for purchasing, CNC plasma cutter programs.

In 2007 I decided to leave manufacturing and start a degree in Agronomy at Iowa State. While attending Iowa State I had some great undergraduate research opportunities. In 2011 I began my full-time career in agricultural research at Monsanto. After a year at Monsanto I realized that my passion was to work in research at the university or with the USDA. In my current position I get to do both. I'm employed by Iowa State University working at the USDA North Central Regional Plant Introduction Station in Ames, IA. I have been there since April of 2012. I am part of a team that manages over 20,000 different lines of corn in a national seed bank. The seed is publicly available to plant breeder and researchers all over the world. Each year we are able to increase seed quantities on about 300 different lines in Summer and Winter nurseries. I'm responsible for the nursery grown in Ames each summer from planning stages to final storage. This includes planting, controlled pollination, hand harvesting, quality control, and processing to shelled seed. In this process I get to work with computer databases and have really improved my skills working with Microsoft programs such as Excel, Access, and SQL Server. Occasionally I still get to work with AutoCAD for site maps and small engineering projects. To top it all off I have the privilege of supervising and training several part-time students, and if I'm lucky some of those students will let me take a little credit for helping them move on to successful careers.