Program Courses

If you wish to complete the Liberal Arts Associate in Science (AS) transfer degree, complete the following recommended biology and chemistry courses.

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
BIO 104*       Introductory Biology w/Lab3
​BIO 112General Biology​4
​BIO 113General Biology II​4
​BIO 146 ​Genetics​3
​BIO 186 ​Microbiology​4
​BIO 249Biotechnology Internship​2-3
​BIO 250Cell & Molecular Biology-Nucleic Acids​5
​BIO 251 Cell & Molecular Biology-Proteins​5
​CHM 165 ​General/Inorganic Chemistry I​4
​CHM 175 ​General/Inorganic Chemistry II​4

*Or any core biology course  (BIO 156, BIO 164, BIO 168)