Taking DMACC classes in high school

Thousands of high school students take advantage of DMACC's Career Advantage offerings each year. Your student should join them! 


DMACC alumna Maddie Steffen began taking DMACC classes in high school and went on her earn her Liberal Arts degree. She and her mother Patsy talk about her experience.



Student Testimonials  ​

In high-school I took quite a few DMACC course credits, so when I came to DMACC I was already considered a sophomore. It was easy to transfer the credits, it's a seamless process, and it's easy to transfer them to a four-year school.”

Grant Siders
Career Advantage Student


When your student takes DMACC classes in high school, then comes to DMACC after graduation, earning their AA degree will make it easier to transfer to a four-year school, because an AA degree is more seamlessly accepted than loose credits.


See how much your student will save by coming to DMACC for two years and then transferring.

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